Manson APple Blossom

Come join us for our 103rd annual Apple Blossom festival!

Join our 103rd

Manson APple Blossom Festival

Celebrate the arrival of spring with us at the Manson Apple Blossom Festival! Enjoy royal ceremonies, lively parades, community meals, and fun activities, like an early morning run and 3v3 basketball tournaments. Join us for a joyous community gathering bursting with excitement and the beauty of spring in the Lake Chelan Valley.

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Manson Apple BLOSSOM Fun Run

Join us for the Manson Apple Blossom 2k/5k Run on May 11th, before the 104th Manson Apple Blossom Parade. Walk, jog, or sprint through downtown Manson and around Wapato Point Resort.

Manson APple Blossom 3 on 3 tournament

Get ready for the Manson Apple Blossom Basketball Tournament! Gather your team after the parade for hoops near the Manson Fire Department. Compete for prizes and create lasting basketball memories. See you there!

What is the apple blossom festival?

The Manson Apple Blossom Festival is an annual event in Manson, Washington that celebrates the start of the apple-growing season and the region's agricultural heritage. The festival has been held since 1920 and is known for its parade and community celebration.

When is the apple blossom Festival?

The 2024 Manson Apple Blossom Festival will take place on May 10–11. The festival celebrates the start of the apple-producing season and includes a parade, royalty, and other activities.

Where is the 2k/5k race?

The fun run will take place in Downtown Manson, specifically at 145 Wapato Point Way, Manson.

What events are at the apple blossom festival?

The Manson Apple Blossom Festival offers a dynamic lineup of events for all ages. From the crowning Pageant to the iconic Grand Parade, there's excitement at every turn. Lace up for the Manson Apple Blossom 2k/5k Run, admire artwork at the Apple Blossom Art Show, and indulge in a hearty Pancake Breakfast. Reunite with past royalty at the Royalty Tea, or join sports enthusiasts for basketball, softball, and soccer matches. With something for everyone, the Manson Apple Blossom Festival is a celebration not to be missed! Find out more information at

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Apple Blossom Festival

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