Building on 5 Generations of Cider Pressing

Coming Spring of 2023

Welcome to Manson's Cider Press

U-Press Cider

After harvest, we gather family and friends to celebrate a season of provision and hard work with a sweet reward. Together, we press the world’s best apples to make pure, fresh apple cider. Now, you’re invited to join in the tradition! Bring the whole family to Manson Growers and have fun making your very own batch of cold-pressed apple cider.

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There’s nothing more local and legendary from this valley than an apple. Take a moment to slow down and come enjoy the first fruit. We offer five fresh ciders on tap, apple sorbet, smoothies, honey lattes, ice cream, warm cider tea, fresh apples and more! We hope to share a little bit of us with a little bit of you.

U-Press Cider




Apples Pressed


Bottles Made

What to expect at your cider pressing session...

Step 1
When you arrive, check in at the registration table and watch the demonstration video.
Step 2
Select your apples:
Fill your buckets with different varieties to create your own personal blend.
Step 3
Add your apples to our custom made press, and then work the wheel to press the crushed apples into beautiful, gold cider.
Step 4
Pasteurization and Bottling:
Pour cider into flash pasteurizer. Fill jugs with pasteurized cider and seal.
Step 5
Personalize Bin:
Carry your apple cider home in a personalized mini bin with your family’s name.
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Ready to Make Your Own Fresh Cider?